First lipstick,


Hi every1. Do you miss me? Nope? Ya ok.
So btw, I'm currently studying for my final examination and it's my last paper so do you know how it feels?!!! That kind of want-to-go-home-but-need-to-study-for-the-sake-of-future feels. So I'm taking a 10 minutes hours break just to relax my mind.

What a long introduction is that?! If my lecure's slide for introduction is that long, I would have died of reading too much. *exaggerate at my best* 

So what i wanna share today is about my first lipstick that i bought *yayyyyy*
If someone asks my favourite features of ma face, it will definitely be my lips. Uuuu why is that so? Because there's nothing left to love, of course -___-

Sooo, i had this one teacher who told me that wearing lipstick will turn your lips into dark lips and i bought that. That's why i never into lipstick. So i just wear lipbalm and lipbalm and lipbalm untillll long story short, i bought a lipstick.

Guys, i never knew that lipstick can change one's look. I definitely look different and some kind of beautiful *kidding*

I guess this is my favourite lipstick so far. I only have three lipsticks *sigh*. Farah gave me the othe two because maybe she thought that i was so pathetic as i just discovered bout this whole lipstick thing -____-


Anyway my lipstick is from nyx and it is stockholm--every girl punya wajib lipstick. Nways, I don't know the difference between matte, lipstick, lip cream. I guess there's a plenty to be discovered. But as for now, let me just stick to this stockholm which i still don't know whether it's a lip cream or matte or lipstick. I just wear what i can wear. 

That's all for today. I need to go back to Laplace Transform. Ohhh what is that? No no thats not a brand of lipstick or something. It's just one of those chapters that i need to study for my final. Till then, tata!