Hi Assalamualaikum!!!!!!
I am so excited today. Would like to share something with you guys. My dream came true guys. 

I do not know if i ever mentioned it before, but i LOVE baking. But i have no skills at all. I don't even know how to start. How to play with oven. I know nothing basically. But, i don't know how on earth that passion even exists in my life.

I always want to try. Even when i go to bookstores, i will always attracted to the baking books' section. Look at the cupcakes, muffin and all. How beautiful!

I always want to have a mixer. But no one in my house love and know how to bake, so that machine kinda not so useful in our house. But!! (So many but here huh?) My brother bought a mixer recently (it was upon my request), so i did bake something.... and..... it was..... a....... PAVLOVA!

It was nice after all :)

Guys, you don't know how precious that memory was. It was like, i did it! ahahaha yay!
But, first try shouldn't be perfect i guess? Just to make us, human, be a little humble. So ya, it wasn't as perfect as you bought it from the bakery. But i read this one blog, it was her third attempt before she can bake a perfect pavlova. So okay whatever, baking teaches me to be patient :)

Soooooo, for a first timer like me, it was my first time play with mixer, oven and all and i was making it all by myself. No one was in the kitchen at that moment and i was so happy! I think my pavlova was like i need another 10% to reach perfect. The meringue was perfect. But i just can't figure out yet what's the exact temperature of the oven to bake it. Seemed "hangit" a little bit at the bottom of it. 

Need to done few experiments, though. To figure out the perfect temperature & duration. Ahhh, you guys might have no idea what am i talking about, huh? That's why i tell you guys to bake some stuff (RIAK ON SO MANY LEVELS)

Till then, bye!