Pay yourself,

You know, every time i eat with Iimam, at the cafe, i will pay my food by myself. Well, that's normal. But, even if we go to eat outside, Chicken Rice Shop, Boat Noodles, foodcourt, i will pay myself too. I never let him pay for my food. Not even once. 

Of course he will feel bad, but if i let him to do so, i will feel bad for the rest of my life. Yup, I'm dramatic like that. But really, if we go eat Chicken Rice Shop, i will pay half of the bill. Every time is also like that. 

And even tengok wayang also i never let him to pay for my ticket hahahaha. I'll go out if i have money. If I don't, then I won't. And he will go out if he has money. And if he doesn't, he won't go out neither. This is not kedekut, this is urmmm independent? Ahah!

Because first, both of us are students, why i want him to pay for mine, he's not working mannnn, what makes me think he has a lot of money to treat me. Second, even if he's working, he's not my husband. Again, what makes me think that it is his responsibility to treat me? 

What gentleman? Be gentleman to your moms first, and then your sisters, and then your wives. Serious, I'm so mad when i read a tweet that said 

"Kalau nak jimat duit, 
 Lelaki : jangan couple
 Perempuan: couple"

wow just wow. Girls, don't you feel bad when reading this if you're doing it? And don't you feel mad if you're not doing this? Like come onnnn, do boys think that we want their money??!! NO! NOT.AT.ALL.

Come on girls, let's change it! Pay yourself!