Too much blood,

I feel like i have too much blood that i decided to donate my blood to the one who is in need. This is my dream since i was a kid. But i have to wait till 18 to donate. Now that im 19, i still cannot be a blood donor! Sigh. 

I google-ed the terms&condition to be a blood donor and i thought that I passed all of them with flying colours. But only this one condition, it bugged me! Weight must be 45kg and above. Whatttttt i have litres of blood and giving a litre won't hurt! 

I went to gym yesterday to check on my weight, height and bmi. For free. Hehehe. Bmi still not normal. Something that didn't surprise me anymore. And my weight, yup definitely below 45. *cries a fountain* 

I hope that i will gain weight real fast so that i can donate. Really looking forward for it to happen. Ya knowww, if we're so afraid of donating money thinking that our money will literally decreasing then why not we donate blood? If you have basically fulfilled all the criteria to be a blood donor, just go for it. Cause some people dying to donate this free blood they got. Wont hurt even a cent. 

So i didn't go to gym for nothing. At least got to catch up with Kak Wany and chit chat and laughing some more and eating and as you can see; selfie-ing. Really miss her big time! I even miss to go there and was like ehhh still got my picture there! (I stamped my pictures at the counter and at the kitchen in case they miss me and obviously they dont but nevermind i wont un-stamp it back :p )


Zahid Zaki said...
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Magic IceFire said...

ish.. haha.. kurus sgt awak nie.. 45kg pun xsmpai.. ahah.. xpa la awak.. hope u can donate your blood soon.. mkn byk skit.. nnti naik la tue berat badan.. bmi awak nie.. saya rsa mesti kategori kurus nie.. xsmpai normal.. haha.. sory2 gurau.. k la awak.. penat deyh men game.. ngantuk pun ada.. k nadia.. nite.. take care.. :D bye..

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