The last openhouse,

Hi Assalamualaikum!
No no no I'm not going anywhere yet, i mean I'm not going to die laaaa (confident level 99. I will but im not planning to. Like at least please let me see Ayo's bride to be first. Ehem, Ayo is my cat actually) so this year like last year, we had an openhouse. But last year we had our openhouse in KL. This year, in Manjung, Perak. 

So this is basically our last openhouse in Manjung because we will move to KL soon. Yeayyy bye bye Perak *hold on tears, not now!* So i took a day off yesterday. To sleep. Eh, to help. Main main pulak Nadia ni. Emmm sooo, 

Hihi so the menu was...... Mihun goreng, nasi kunyit with daging rendang, laksa penang, ayam masak merah, serunding, pai tee, rojak buah, tapai, ubi kayu with sambal tumis, bubur durian, ketupat, hotdogs, agar2 and drink! Quite a menu, huh? These were all prepared by mama. All by herself! She is...... Something. Some even asked "catering mana ni?" Awhhhh keep those questions to yourself if you're coming to my house to eat. My mom never asked for catering. Nehi. -___-

It was so so so busy but worth enough to see people were eating happily. And all the dishes licinnnnnnn! Wowwwww my mom was so happy you know! And she received loads of compliments regarding her cooking skills. I was like hello, i was there too! Without me siang ikan & all, there would be no laksa okay. In fact, without me cutting the onions in tears, there would be no dishes at all! People just forgot my huge role there but i was okay. I didn't want those attentions pfffttttt.

And yes, i was so so amazed how can people still look stunning & beautiful on the day they had an openhouse? I couldn't help but to wear my seluar tidur & tshirt. Mannnn, got no time to iron jubah, so seluar tidur will do. Hihi. Alhamdulillah for everything. Everything went sooo smooth as if there were no friction. Awhh I didn't go to school for nothing :)

And today i am really really tired. I need to qada' my sleep. Hashtag qada' tidur cepat qada' solat lambat. Hashtag deep.
Till then,


Magic IceFire said...

dlu skolah sk seri manjung ka?? klau skolah kat situ.. kelas apa dlu eh??