Anakku bukan anakmu,

Hi Assalamualaikum!
In previous post, i promised to share story bout a company i had been working for 6 weeks. Hehehe only 6 weeks. I'll tell you why. It wasn't because of me okay. Okay lah it was me actually hahahaha. 

Basic rm900. I'll tell you straight. "Why quit?!" Because of something and everyday work hours were from 10am to 10pm which was quite exhausted. Imagine everyday you have to work for 12 hours and one day off every week. No kidding.

BUT the experience I gained was something to die for. For those who are searching for part time jobs, I highly recommend you to work at baby store. Ohh i forgot to say that i was working with Anakku Company. They sell babies-things. Hihihi so cute mannn.

Now i know what new parents need to buy and what friends of new parents need to buy. Come on, if you have a friend that are going to have a baby real soon, just please dont buy hampers T.T  they have loads of hamper already. Please buy something else like baby carrier or car seat or if you are THAT loaded, just buy the baby a gold ring or gold bracelet. 

Now i know the range of price of each item. Bottle, please buy the anti-collic for newborn baby. This is to prevent perut kembung for baby. And for soother, please buy the orthodontic one. You dont want your child growing up jongang. You know prevention is better than cure. Stroller, which brand is to die for or which one is just to faint for. See im being dramatic here. Buy first care or sweet cherry or baby cargo. These 3 brands are good. What else? What im trying to say is, i gained knowledge while working. Only 6 weeks of working i know this much. Imagine if i stayed for another 6 months. Lots of things need to be discovered. Need much much more exploration. 

And i claimed i was a dedicated staff --'

Ohh btw Anakku is a little bit expensive because of the brand but the quality itself is the reason why they have regular customer coming to their store every month. And even though im not working there anymore, im still attracted to pregnant woman and advise them to be Anakku member and buy babies things from Anakku. Hahahaha i love working there i swear! 

Young people come work with Anakku because old people cannot panjat this tinggi hahahaha. So much fun and so much work. Lots of things to remember. Sometimes I didn't even know when on earth did I memorize such things. There was one time i was so busy at the counter take over as a cashier and this makcik asked me "Dik, katil ni harga berapa?" I was from the other side of the store sekali pandang at the baby cot and answered "RM 528" while handing my customer her change. Then i started to scan another stuff next customer buying. Again, makcik tadi asked, "yang ni pulakkk?" While scanning I answered "rm326 sebelah dia rm316" WHATTT i took serious of my job okay! 

After posting this, im hoping any company will hire me after reading to my beautiful performance *blow nails*

Till then,