6 minutes,


I got ready in 6 minutes. My best record so far. Hahaha. So this was how it went;

My mom was in hurry so she went out driving the car. Soooo, my handsome beautiful smart pretty father had to drive me to work with his car. Hehehe. But, he had to go to work at 8am so off he went to work first. While i slept. Because i had to go to work at 10am. 

Then i slept, slept, and slept. And my father arrived home at 9.40am and he was mad. Like, MAD. I was like WAIT!!!!! And by 9.46am, we were already in the car ready to go to work :) 

Don't ask me how come okay. Maybe i took 4 mins for shower, 1 min to think of what to wear for that day, 30 seconds to put my tudung on, 15 seconds pakai kasut, 15 seconds running to the car. 

Guess what? My father tak jadi nak marah weols! Cause i took 6 mins so he might be either amazed or proud. I was not sure but he didn't even mad at me in the car. Not even a line, uhukkkk. 

This 6 minutes is really something! I even beat Iimam's score you know! Man, that boy takes years to get ready! He takes even a longer time to fix his hair than me putting my tudung on. Is that even possible? But it's okay. I am not mad at him......now. Because i was already mad that day hahahahahha. 

Despite that, im happy with this new score. Next time i want to keep it to 5 minutes  Yay!