The treat,

Hi! This blog is not basically for the reader(s) because i dont even know if one exists. But this is just like my journal or any other typical diary of what life hits me. I (probably) want to read these memories in future. So im writing like 80% of what's happening in my life. 

When i was in Form 5, my ustaz once told us to be good to parents. Or berkhidmat. And sacrifice. My ustaz is from terengganu and he shared a story with us. He went like " ustaz nok cerite tapi saye bukan nok riak ke mende ke. Dok. Saye nok cerite biar anak2 ustaz hok ade depan ustaz ni boleh ikut ape ustaz nok cerite. Dulu mase ustaz kije, gaji pertame ustaz, ustaz wi semue ke mak ayah. Bukan nok bangge. Ustaz nok cerite biar anak ustaz ni boleh ikut. Mk ayah ustaz tanye, ade duit dok ni. Ustaz kabo ade. Padahal sebulan ustaz makang megi. Tu sebab keluor2 anok pertame ustaz rambut kerinting srupe megi" and the rest was history. 

So basically he taught us to sacrifice and make our parents to "rasa" duit anak dia. Though tak banyak. However, the money for sure will and never will repay them. So i was thinking will i be able to do that when i work later? By later i mean 10years later. Can i afford to do that. Allllll money???? Nooooooooooo i said to myself. 

To fast forward, I promised to myself to do something on my first gaji and alhamdulillah my first salary of working was safely handed to my parents yayyy you did it. It was my gaji when i worked as a cashier at a playground in a mall. I kept thinking if i wanna wait till 10years, will i ever be there at that time? Still alive or not? Or even my parents. Will they still alive. Ajal no wait guys.

And todayyyy another first gaji!!! Im working with butik Anakku. So much fun. This is my part time while waiting for tawaran degree hihihi. Earn some money la sikit. So today my first gaji i treat my family a shell out dinner yayyy. So so so delicious and worth the price!!! 

Never been so happy. Im waiting for my next first gaji. Maybe a proper work or something. Let's plan something inshaAllah. So if anyone is reading, let's do this together. Let your first salary meant something in your life. We will never know when will be the last time. But we will always know and able to mark the first time :)


only u said...

Hi nnf! there is one exists..
firstly.. tq sbb dh mula update balik blog awak.. ingtkn dh xmen blog2 nie..
pasai keja tue.. keja leklok tau..
take care of your health too..
keep it up.. fighting!! nnf.. ✌🏻✌🏻