Testing my patience,

Assalamualaikum hi!
Am so so so kinda mad right now. Why everything seems to be sooo complicated? The only thing that simple and friendly is eating guys. Other than that, so complicated, not friendly and drive me crazy. 

This scholarship thingy too. So so so many things they want and soooooo complicated. Urgh. Few months back, i opened the Petronas scholarship, MARA and many more like everyday guys. Everyday. And they kept stating there that we cannot apply yet. Not open yet. So fine. I'll wait. And then final year went in and of course i got my 330% attention on it. After everything was over, i came back to check for the scholarships and they were already closed!!!! What?! 

Yup. They opened when i was battling with the final year and they opened for a week only. Did they want or didnt even want to give the money huh? 

So now im currently applying few scholarships that i swear if you have no patience, you will just give up and pay the fees all by yourselves! But i have no money and I don't wanna burden my charming Father, so yeah im filling the form(s). Do they need to know my siblings salary? Is it me or they who will get the money? Please. This is just between me and you. Don't involve other person please. *begging*

If i state everybody salaries, the chances to receive scholarship will probably go down the drain. But ya know, they have their own commitments. They wanna buy shoes, paying bills and whatnots so do you really think they wanna pay for my tuition fees? So basically it is a waste to ask for their salaries!!!

Ok chill back. Nadia, you can do this. You want the money. Let's bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian *continue filling endless form(sssss)*