Prepared sahur,


You guys won't believe this.
I. Prepared. Sahur. 
Hahahahahahhaahhaha excited that way. I'm sorry I couldn't help but to be proud of myself to be able to wake up that early and cook.

My mom went back to KL yesterday so it was just me and my Father. My Father can't stand a day fasting without sahur so by hook or by crook he must eat something. So today early in the morning, he woke me up and asked me to cook something for him. Any dish will do. So i just made a simple one and I wouldn't tell you what dish was that because you will go like "just this ha?" And will skip this entire post. Hahaha. Look, the main point is effort, not the dish okay. *stay focus*

So i was half sleep half awake, took onion which i thought was a potato at first. But then, when i got serious as it was 20 mins before imsak, i was 100% awake. So ya know, I'm not good at cooking but i loveeeee to cook i swear. So I was so happy as i could cook for sahur all by myself. 

And you know my cat, Ayo? He will eat oat every morning so today, i had to prepare him a small plate of oat. I couldn't believe myself too. He was so annoying mannnnn. He gave me an annoying look as well. Grrrr. I will make sure he's fasting today --'