Wow it has been more than a year since my last post. I didn't realise that. Hahaha. So what brings me here? Nothing but a story 😊 This one i need to post here because i wanna remember it for the rest of my life even no one reading. Cause I'll read by myself! Hihi joking. Ya know asasi was over. 6 months back were filled with hectic schedule. I didnt know how i managed the time but seriously my world was a little bit upside down. With endless chapters to cover, assignments to be submitted on time, tutorial to get done, quizzes, tests as well as final year. To be real honest, it was killing me. 

But somehow alhamdulillah everything was over yayyy cheers to me! And the main reason i wanna blog today is because...... My final result. Teeeheee. My sem1 was kinda not so good but still okay cause i didnt get any punishment or critics from abah hahaha lucky me. But my sem 2 was much better alhamdulillah. 

The story begins here. Maths sem 1 is a piece of cake but sem 2, no play mannnn. That was hard! I mean, tooooo hard! Sem 1 we just learned basic maths but sem 2 since i was an engineering student, i had to take maths for engineer subject. No kidding. Seriously susah nak gile. Or i was that stupid? Hehehehe. Hard was on thing, but careless? Can anybody accept this excuse? I didnt know why i was so trauma with maths. For test 1, i forgot a negative sign and instead of getting 8 marks, i only got 1 which was so so bad. For quiz 2, it provided 15 marks as full marks. 5 objective and 10 subjective. I answered the objective questions and i handed up kertas conteng for subjective questions!!! I stapled the wrong sheet of paper!!! I got 0 mark for subjective and full mark for objective so total i got 5 marks. Oh mannn wasnt that terrible 😔
Knowing how bad i was, I couldn't do nothing but to scare of my carry marks. The carry mark was finally out and yuppp i got 24/50. Im dead. Final year will be more tricky and harder. If i didnt score from the beginning, i wont get marks that i wanted. And guys, my careless wasnt stop that way :) for final year, i didnt even selak the last page of question and of course i didnt answer that!!!! 15 marks guys. I lost it in a blink of eye. I couldn't believe myself too.

I was sooo moody thinking that there will be a high chance that i need to repeat the paper. I was scared to death. Finally the final results came out, i was so scared to open the email. I didnt know that salam can be that scary. It was salam uitm. I prayed subuh and then after doa, i opened. Alhamdulillah i got B+ !!! I couldn't believe that and i knew & will always know that, that wasnt my effort actually. That was a gift from Him. I know He helped me a lot. There was no way to get B+. But Allah, thanks. I was so terharu that You helped me with this. I didnt know what did i do and sometimes i would think that i didnt deserve this result.

Alhamdulillah a DL to my parents. That was my gift to you. But actually it was a gift from Allah to you. I was just the third party 😊 I didnt know what did i do. But maybe, this is probably one of it ; i wont skip a pray without ending it with ayat kursi. I dont know. I practiced it before and know it's like a must. No matter how in hurry i am. I will still recite it. Even sambil lipat telekung. This is just a routine but maybe this wasn't a reason. Maybe Allah just wants to help because He knows what ive been through. Thank you Allah 😊