Assalamualaikum wbt,

so how's your life? cliche benor tu nadia. so yeah my main point of posting another boring post at 11:53 pm is to share with you another boring story of mine. bersiap sedia untuk memboring kan diri anda okehh

so spm is just around the corner (yeah i keep on writing this line). i have another 6 weeks if im not mistaken so surely the most thing that i will miss is school. no im not. i just miss the surrounding. of course i wont miss school. tapi kan kan kan benda paling akan dirindu mesti lah kawan dan cikgu dan majlis2 dan hawa dan chubby dan sai dan yuni dan nuraini ok jenuh nak list semua. 

im seventeen but im still a kid at heart. yeah tu cliche but that's the truth. yeah no lie. maybe because im the youngest so everybody treats me like a kid. like hello..... i know lah how to manage my life but still no one ever put trust on me esp my parents. yeah both of them are too overprotective. 

i just cant imagine how's my life will turn out to be when im in U. what U will i enter? what roommate will i get? what kind of course will i choose? i was wondering and still. yeah. but inshaAllah everything will be fine right? 

actually i wanna study but since im kinda sleepy so i decided to post smtg and i dont know what im talking right now, i mean, writing. oh ya! can i share my results here? hahaha. maybe if someone reads this post, he/she will be like "pehal dia ni duk speaking bagai halamak keturunan melayu kan?" . so actually, this is because my grade for english agak menurun. teacher told me to do more exercises but knowing me, of course lah i wont do such thing hahaha. so i replace it with posting in english. fair & square right? 

i know... mesti kome nak kata "bukan teacher dia baca pun blog ni" wei suka hati lah hahaha dont make me force my teacher to read this blog hah! okie till then, assalamualaikum :)