heylo ppl out there. im so crazy to spend my quality time writing my sixth post though the trial is just around the corner huweee.

feeling like this year is so much important, so i dont really have much time to get involve in any trouble. so please restrain me from getting involved in any trouble.

and theres another story to be shared. it's very disappointing when ppl trying to take advantage on you. well "advantage" here is not "that" advantage like what you think ya. (im very afraid of bangla nowadays after watching few unexpected news regaring a girl being raped by a bangla. it's so inhuman!) sorry for being emotional, so where did i stop just now?

yeah advantage here is when you come & ask for something and you bla as soon as you got it. i dislike these kind of ppl so much. i just dont like. so please avoid yourself from taking advantage on me. sorry assalamualaikum!