First lipstick,


Hi every1. Do you miss me? Nope? Ya ok.
So btw, I'm currently studying for my final examination and it's my last paper so do you know how it feels?!!! That kind of want-to-go-home-but-need-to-study-for-the-sake-of-future feels. So I'm taking a 10 minutes hours break just to relax my mind.

What a long introduction is that?! If my lecure's slide for introduction is that long, I would have died of reading too much. *exaggerate at my best* 

So what i wanna share today is about my first lipstick that i bought *yayyyyy*
If someone asks my favourite features of ma face, it will definitely be my lips. Uuuu why is that so? Because there's nothing left to love, of course -___-

Sooo, i had this one teacher who told me that wearing lipstick will turn your lips into dark lips and i bought that. That's why i never into lipstick. So i just wear lipbalm and lipbalm and lipbalm untillll long story short, i bought a lipstick.

Guys, i never knew that lipstick can change one's look. I definitely look different and some kind of beautiful *kidding*

I guess this is my favourite lipstick so far. I only have three lipsticks *sigh*. Farah gave me the othe two because maybe she thought that i was so pathetic as i just discovered bout this whole lipstick thing -____-


Anyway my lipstick is from nyx and it is stockholm--every girl punya wajib lipstick. Nways, I don't know the difference between matte, lipstick, lip cream. I guess there's a plenty to be discovered. But as for now, let me just stick to this stockholm which i still don't know whether it's a lip cream or matte or lipstick. I just wear what i can wear. 

That's all for today. I need to go back to Laplace Transform. Ohhh what is that? No no thats not a brand of lipstick or something. It's just one of those chapters that i need to study for my final. Till then, tata!


Hi Assalamualaikum!!!!!!
I am so excited today. Would like to share something with you guys. My dream came true guys. 

I do not know if i ever mentioned it before, but i LOVE baking. But i have no skills at all. I don't even know how to start. How to play with oven. I know nothing basically. But, i don't know how on earth that passion even exists in my life.

I always want to try. Even when i go to bookstores, i will always attracted to the baking books' section. Look at the cupcakes, muffin and all. How beautiful!

I always want to have a mixer. But no one in my house love and know how to bake, so that machine kinda not so useful in our house. But!! (So many but here huh?) My brother bought a mixer recently (it was upon my request), so i did bake something.... and..... it was..... a....... PAVLOVA!

It was nice after all :)

Guys, you don't know how precious that memory was. It was like, i did it! ahahaha yay!
But, first try shouldn't be perfect i guess? Just to make us, human, be a little humble. So ya, it wasn't as perfect as you bought it from the bakery. But i read this one blog, it was her third attempt before she can bake a perfect pavlova. So okay whatever, baking teaches me to be patient :)

Soooooo, for a first timer like me, it was my first time play with mixer, oven and all and i was making it all by myself. No one was in the kitchen at that moment and i was so happy! I think my pavlova was like i need another 10% to reach perfect. The meringue was perfect. But i just can't figure out yet what's the exact temperature of the oven to bake it. Seemed "hangit" a little bit at the bottom of it. 

Need to done few experiments, though. To figure out the perfect temperature & duration. Ahhh, you guys might have no idea what am i talking about, huh? That's why i tell you guys to bake some stuff (RIAK ON SO MANY LEVELS)

Till then, bye!

Pay yourself,

You know, every time i eat with Iimam, at the cafe, i will pay my food by myself. Well, that's normal. But, even if we go to eat outside, Chicken Rice Shop, Boat Noodles, foodcourt, i will pay myself too. I never let him pay for my food. Not even once. 

Of course he will feel bad, but if i let him to do so, i will feel bad for the rest of my life. Yup, I'm dramatic like that. But really, if we go eat Chicken Rice Shop, i will pay half of the bill. Every time is also like that. 

And even tengok wayang also i never let him to pay for my ticket hahahaha. I'll go out if i have money. If I don't, then I won't. And he will go out if he has money. And if he doesn't, he won't go out neither. This is not kedekut, this is urmmm independent? Ahah!

Because first, both of us are students, why i want him to pay for mine, he's not working mannnn, what makes me think he has a lot of money to treat me. Second, even if he's working, he's not my husband. Again, what makes me think that it is his responsibility to treat me? 

What gentleman? Be gentleman to your moms first, and then your sisters, and then your wives. Serious, I'm so mad when i read a tweet that said 

"Kalau nak jimat duit, 
 Lelaki : jangan couple
 Perempuan: couple"

wow just wow. Girls, don't you feel bad when reading this if you're doing it? And don't you feel mad if you're not doing this? Like come onnnn, do boys think that we want their money??!! NO! NOT.AT.ALL.

Come on girls, let's change it! Pay yourself! 

6 minutes,


I got ready in 6 minutes. My best record so far. Hahaha. So this was how it went;

My mom was in hurry so she went out driving the car. Soooo, my handsome beautiful smart pretty father had to drive me to work with his car. Hehehe. But, he had to go to work at 8am so off he went to work first. While i slept. Because i had to go to work at 10am. 

Then i slept, slept, and slept. And my father arrived home at 9.40am and he was mad. Like, MAD. I was like WAIT!!!!! And by 9.46am, we were already in the car ready to go to work :) 

Don't ask me how come okay. Maybe i took 4 mins for shower, 1 min to think of what to wear for that day, 30 seconds to put my tudung on, 15 seconds pakai kasut, 15 seconds running to the car. 

Guess what? My father tak jadi nak marah weols! Cause i took 6 mins so he might be either amazed or proud. I was not sure but he didn't even mad at me in the car. Not even a line, uhukkkk. 

This 6 minutes is really something! I even beat Iimam's score you know! Man, that boy takes years to get ready! He takes even a longer time to fix his hair than me putting my tudung on. Is that even possible? But it's okay. I am not mad at Because i was already mad that day hahahahahha. 

Despite that, im happy with this new score. Next time i want to keep it to 5 minutes  Yay!

The last openhouse,

Hi Assalamualaikum!
No no no I'm not going anywhere yet, i mean I'm not going to die laaaa (confident level 99. I will but im not planning to. Like at least please let me see Ayo's bride to be first. Ehem, Ayo is my cat actually) so this year like last year, we had an openhouse. But last year we had our openhouse in KL. This year, in Manjung, Perak. 

So this is basically our last openhouse in Manjung because we will move to KL soon. Yeayyy bye bye Perak *hold on tears, not now!* So i took a day off yesterday. To sleep. Eh, to help. Main main pulak Nadia ni. Emmm sooo, 

Hihi so the menu was...... Mihun goreng, nasi kunyit with daging rendang, laksa penang, ayam masak merah, serunding, pai tee, rojak buah, tapai, ubi kayu with sambal tumis, bubur durian, ketupat, hotdogs, agar2 and drink! Quite a menu, huh? These were all prepared by mama. All by herself! She is...... Something. Some even asked "catering mana ni?" Awhhhh keep those questions to yourself if you're coming to my house to eat. My mom never asked for catering. Nehi. -___-

It was so so so busy but worth enough to see people were eating happily. And all the dishes licinnnnnnn! Wowwwww my mom was so happy you know! And she received loads of compliments regarding her cooking skills. I was like hello, i was there too! Without me siang ikan & all, there would be no laksa okay. In fact, without me cutting the onions in tears, there would be no dishes at all! People just forgot my huge role there but i was okay. I didn't want those attentions pfffttttt.

And yes, i was so so amazed how can people still look stunning & beautiful on the day they had an openhouse? I couldn't help but to wear my seluar tidur & tshirt. Mannnn, got no time to iron jubah, so seluar tidur will do. Hihi. Alhamdulillah for everything. Everything went sooo smooth as if there were no friction. Awhh I didn't go to school for nothing :)

And today i am really really tired. I need to qada' my sleep. Hashtag qada' tidur cepat qada' solat lambat. Hashtag deep.
Till then,